myGDEX Seller’s Store Creation Tutorial

Here’s how you can be a GDEX Seller by just a few easy set-up. Let’s create your online GDEX Store today!

Step 1 – Create your online store

  • 1) Go to “Stores”, “My Stores” & create store.
  • 2) Add a photo for your shop, fill-in your store details and click “Add”.
  • 3) Store added successfully.

Step 2 – Manage your products

  • 1) Click “View Products” to see your product list.
  • 2) Go to “Create Product” to add new product.
  • 3) Choose an image for your product and fill in product details.
  • 4) After filling-in all mandatory details of the product, click “Add” and that’s it! Your product added successfully to the store list.

Step 3 – Manage your shipping fees charged to your customers

  • 1) Go to “Configure Shipping Rate”.
  • 2) Choose “Flat Rate” or “Custom Rate”. Fill in your preference rate & Click “Update Shipping Rate”.
  • 3) Shipping rate is successfully configured.

Step 4 – Your online store page is now available

  • Share your store URL on your social media, whether it is FB live, instagram, whatsapp or wechat.

Step 5 – Receive your orders and check for successful payment

  • 1) Go to “Stores”, “Orders” to see your orders.
  • 2) Check “Transaction Reference” column to view bank transaction details.
  • 3) For each order, you can choose to print packing list, view, edit and or delete order.

Step 6 – Create Shipment

  • 1) Select your order that is ready to ship, press “Generate Shipment”.
  • 2) Check sender details. Select lodge in/ pick up. Check shipment details, ie: parcel type, pieces, weight. Click “Check Out”.
  • 3) Your consignment note is created.

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