We are now integrated with NetShop!

Are you running an e-Commerce merchant store on NetShop? Are you still wondering how to send your parcels to your customers more efficiently? Look over here, our online shipping portal, myGDEX PRIME is here to support your online business.

myGDEX PRIME is now integrated with NetShop. That’s right, NetShop users are now able to ship their parcel domestically and overseas to their customers with myGDEX PRIME and the integration fee is FREE!

Why it is good to integrate?

Save cost and sufficiency

Manage your orders and myGDEX PRIME deliveries in your NetShop page.

Comprehensive tracking features.

Download and bulk print consignment notes.

How does this work ?

Here’s how you set up

Step 1 : Login to https://netshop.my/ Go to “Fulfillment” ➡️ “Sync to Cloud Logistics” and select myGDEX”.

Step 2: Select “Account Setting”.

Step 3: Insert “API Token”, “MyGDex Account No” and “Company Name”. API token is available from Tools page in https://myprime.gdexpress.com/.

User Guide

1.0 Consignment Note Creation

Step 1: “Sync to Logistics” for your orders.

Step 2: Select “myGDex”

Step 3: Select pickup date and click “Submit to myGDEX”.

Step 4: Print your consignment note and you are ready to send your parcel to your customer!

Integrate your NetShop with myGDEX PRIME today and enjoy our service specially for you and your customer.

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