We are now integrated with Payex!

Why Payex?

Ship Your Payex Orders With myGDEX!

Payex users can now ship domestically and overseas, with myGDEX. Integration is free.

Why Integrate?

  • Save cost and effort.
  • Manage your orders and myGDEX deliveries in your Payex page.
  • Comprehensive tracking features.
  • Download and bulk print consignment notes.

Steps To Integrate

Step 1: Sync

Your Payex account has been synced with myGDEX

Step 2: Ship

Start shipping in Payex, with myGDEX

Step 3: Track

Track your myGDEX deliveries in Payex

Payex’s User Guide

1.0 Consignment Note Creation

  1. Click on the transactions you want to deliver and click the Deliver button (single or multiple deliveries are supported).
  2. Enters sender, receiver and delivery information (Most of sender and receiver information are pre-filled by default).

3. Select your preferred courier service by clicking on the logo of the courier service.

4. Select your preferred courier service by clicking on the logo of the courier service.

5. Upon payment, click on Return to Merchant Site. You will be redirected to Summary Page of your delivery.

6. Download your consignment note and print it out.

2.0 Tracking of Shipment, Cancellation and Reprint Consignment Note

  1. Click on the delivery tab on the left navigation panel.
  2. Locate your delivery order.
  3. You may view the details and status of your delivery.
  4. You may also reprint consignment note or cancel a consignment note (applicable to at least one day before the scheduled pick up date).

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