We are now integrated with Shopify!

Good news!

We are delighted to have Shopify as part of our integration family. Are you a Shopify merchant? If yes, you can now skip the hassles of the delivery booking process and push all orders to myGDEX automatically. 

Shopify users can now ship domestically and overseas with myGDEX. The best part of it? Integration is FREE!

How does it work?

Setting up myGDEX on Shopify

  1. Install the “myGDEX for Shopify” app by visiting apps.shopify.com and click the “Add App” button.
  1. After logging in, go to “Apps” > “myGDEX” > “Setting” tab. You will see a “User Access Token” box.
  1. Separately, on your myGDEX User Profile, copy the “Public Access Token” that can be found at “Integration”. 
  1. Paste the token in the “User Access Token” box.
  1. Next, tick “Yes” if you wish to use your user details from myGDEX. If you would like to use details that are different from your myGDEX profile, you may tick “No” and fill up the Sender address field.

  2. Lastly, choose your default Parcel Type and Click “Save”.

User Guide

Step 1 : Create a consignment note at Shopify Single/Bulk Order Page.

a) Consignment Note Creation (for Single Order)

b) Consignment Note Creation (for Bulk Order)

Step 2 : Fill up the details as below for both single or bulk orders.

Step 3 : Print the myGDEX consignment note from your Shopify Dashboard

Step 4 : Click “Cancel” to cancel your pickup request. All cancelled pickup requests will be considered to be lodge-in shipments at GDEX branch.

Step 5 : View your Invoice IDs from Shopify at the “Invoices” tab.

Integrate your Shopify store with myGDEX now!

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