We are now integrated with FIRESELL!

Good news!🔔

Are you running an e-Commerce merchant store on Firesell? Are you still wondering how to send your parcels to your customers more efficiently? Look over here, our online shipping portal, myGDEX is here to support your online business. myGDEX is now integrated with Firesell and the integration is FREE!

Why is it good to integrate?

How does this work?

myGDEX for FIRSELL Installation Guide

  1. Integration Setup
  1. Navigate to “Configuration” menu and choose “Courier Integration”. Then, fill in sender details under Consignment information.
  2. Make sure to key in an accurate location.
  3. Select the location based on the postcode.
  1. Under Courier List, click Edit and select GDEX.
  1. Key in the ACCESS TOKEN and change the STATUS to Active then click Update.

myGDEX for FIRESELL User Guide

  1. Order Management
  1. Navigate to the “Managing Orders” menu and choose “Receive”. Then, Select the order to be managed.
  2. Click on the GDEX icon.
  1. Ensure that the title of the order says GDEX.
  2. Please double check the order before proceeding to the next step.
  1. Select ‘Pickup’ date. The earliest date option is on the same day.
  1. After selecting the Pick-up Date, please wait until the Parcel Ready Time field can be clicked.
  2. Please choose the timing according to your preference.
  3. The timing slot is according to the Pick-up Date selected.
  1. Select type of transportation.
  1. Click ‘Yes’ if you need a trolley.
  1. Double check all the information, such as quantity, item, value of the item and weight of parcel.
  2. Click Update to proceed with the GDEX delivery order.
  1. Please wait until loading is complete. Once successful, the tracking number, charges, and GDEX e-wallet balance will be shown on the screen.
  2. You may tick on the check box for customers to receive a tracking number notification either through SMS or Email. Kindly take note that this notification will be sent through Firesell, not GDEX.
  3. Click Complete.

Air Waybill (AWB) Printing

  1. Navigate to “Managing Orders” menu and choose “Complete”. Then, Select the order.
  2. Click Air Waybill (AWB) and Wait until loading is completed.
  1. AWB is ready to be printed in PDF format.

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