myGDEX – Digital Customer Invoice and Packing List (CIPL)


No commercial invoice for your international shipments? No worries. Our Digital Customer Invoice and Packing List (CIPL) feature allows you to create a CIPL on myGDEX. So, save your time when you ship international shipments with GDEX.

Commercial invoice (or pro forma invoice, in cases where imported goods are not sold in the destination country) is the customs document that will be used or referred to most often during the international shipping process.


  • General reminder for CIPL
  • Create a shipping invoice / CIPL
  • Sample of CIPL

1. General Reminder for CIPL

When you create a shipment that is bound for an international destination, an “Alert” message will prompt you to attach a customs invoice for your shipment to avoid any delays in the customs declaration process. If you do not have a customs invoice, you can generate a CIPL on myGDEX with just a few clicks.

2. Create a Shipping Invoice / CIPL

2.1 Go to the “Shipment History” page and click the arrow icon.

2.2 Click on the “+” icon, which is next to “Shipping Invoice”, to fill up the details required for creating a CIPL. After filling up the details, click “Submit and create”.

Kindly take note that you will need to fill up the Tax ID (personal) or VAT No (company) especially for EU shipments. For further detailed explanation on CIPL, such as Harmonized System code (HS) and description of goods, kindly refer to our international shipping guidelines, by clicking “LEARN MORE”

3. Sample of CIPL

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