myGDEX – International Outskirt Delivery Area (ODA) Notification


An Outskirt Delivery Area (ODA) is a remote location, where deliveries are less accessible. For international shipments, ODA surcharges are applied for shipments delivered / picked up to or from these locations. You will be notified of ODA surcharges (if any) when you send a shipment overseas, via myGDEX.


  • Notification of ODA Surcharge
  • Consignment Note (CN) Sample
  • Invoice Sample

1. Notification of ODA Surcharge

When you key-in a postcode that is an international ODA destination on myGDEX, there will be a notification which reads. “An additional… ” as shown in the image below. The total price displayed is inclusive of the ODA surcharge

2. Consignment Note (CN) Sample

The ODA surcharge remark is also deployed on the CN. Please see the image below.

3. Invoice Sample

The ODA surcharge will be displayed on the invoice, as well. Please see the image below.

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