Refer a friend to myGDEX and get credits!

Good things should be shared. Here’s an easy way to show you care 🤝 Referral Campaign Mechanics: 1. Simply send a myGDEX invitation to your friends via a link, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, or email to spread the word about myGDEX. 2. For every friend you refer to myGDEX, they will receive a welcome gift ofContinue reading Refer a friend to myGDEX and get credits!

myGDEX – International Outskirt Delivery Area (ODA) Notification

Overview An Outskirt Delivery Area (ODA) is a remote location, where deliveries are less accessible. For international shipments, ODA surcharges are applied for shipments delivered / picked up to or from these locations. You will be notified of ODA surcharges (if any) when you send a shipment overseas, via myGDEX. Content 1. Notification of ODAContinue reading “myGDEX – International Outskirt Delivery Area (ODA) Notification”

myGDEX – Digital Customer Invoice and Packing List (CIPL)

Overview No commercial invoice for your international shipments? No worries. Our Digital Customer Invoice and Packing List (CIPL) feature allows you to create a CIPL on myGDEX. So, save your time when you ship international shipments with GDEX. Commercial invoice (or pro forma invoice, in cases where imported goods are not sold in the destinationContinue reading “myGDEX – Digital Customer Invoice and Packing List (CIPL)”